Hanebrink X1

Mountain Bikes are a breed of their own; they can handle hard pack single track or fire roads and do well on steep mountain terrains. The limitations are few, but they exist.  The Hanebrink extreme terrain mountain bikes, electric or human propelled, fill these limitations.  They allow riders the capability to enjoy these rides on soft sandy terrain as effortlessly as hard packed dirt.

The Hanebrink X1 is human propelled model of the X-Bike lineup.  It’s limited only by your strength, endurance and handling skills.

Consider the face plant you did on the traditional mountain bike when navigating the steep descent into a dry sandy riverbed.  It’s happened once, likely will happen again, but wont happen when riding this fat tire bike!


Base Price: $3,500.00 USD
Matte Black Standard, Custom Colors Available
Weight:  35 lbs
Range:  Your Endurance Limits
Motor:  You!
Gearing: 9 speed cassette and triple crank
Tires:  Tubeless 20″ x 8″ (50cm x 20cm)
Wheels:  Monocoque, Aluminum Axles, Sealed Bearings
Wheelbase:  129 cm – 51 inches
Frame:  6061- T6 Aircraft Seamless Aluminum Tubing
Fork:  Rigid Triple Clamp fork, custom light weight design built by HANEBRINK.
Seat:  Comfortable Gel Saddle
Brakes:  Hydraulic Disc Brakes
Derailleur:  Shimano
Optional:  Heavy Duty Rear Rack: 8″ x 21″ Aluminum